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Fixed Betting Using Money Management Techniques

Money management is an issue which most gamblers are unfamiliar with or they simply don't want to learn. This is a shameful situation since good and solid money management can save them a lot of money. Most gamblers play for the fun, for them it's another brand of entertainment, but there are few that take gambling seriously - they want to make profits by online betting. Such gamblers must use money management techniques which surprisingly resemble to responsible gambling techniques.

The first method for saving yourself money is to set limitations: all casino games have an edge, which means that in the long run you would always lose. Don't take the house edge lightly - put it into consideration. For example in blackjack the house edge is about 2%, this means that you can expect to lose 2% of your money and if your bankroll is $100 you'll lose $2 in the end of the day. If you can see in advance how much you might lose you would stop betting on it happens, a course of actions little gamblers do thus they lose their money time after time.

Also, put time limitations to your bets - don't gamble more than two hours a day since you gradually lose your concentration and without it you'll probably lose your money. Another method for saving money is to gamble at large online casinos since they are most likely to put out the most 'fair' odds for winning.

Derrick Ballios,
Head of Editorial staff