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Winning at the Casinos - Responsible Betting

Bettin is an entertainment which puts people at risk of developing a gambling problem, but that doesn’t mean people should simply stop enjoying life and playing casino games. Novice beginners are extremely vulnerable to this hazard, though they can easily learn how to bet online or at land base casinos: study casino game's rules, odds, betting systems and so on, but that would not help them deal with the real risk that lays gambling and online betting.

The important issue that should concern all gamblers is problem gambling, which 5% of all international gamblers develop. The general conception held by many gamblers is that only certain groups are exposed for this danger, but problem gambling doesn't discriminate – it doesn't consider age, race, color of skin or religious belief.

There are many signs for a gambling problem, but there's no need to reach this issue yet. Responsible gambling can prevent cases of an addiction for betting. The basic of this set of guidelines is one's discipline and awareness. There's a fine line between betting for fun and gambling for fulfilling a need. Crossing the line is preventable by following few basic principles.

There are many institutions that research betting problems and teach for responsible gambling; one of them is The National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG), which holds much information about the subject. The NCRG have donated millions of dollars for studying pathological gambling, and according to latest studies preventing cases of addiction is easy if you follow the next set of rules:

1) Time, it's valuable for you, don't waste it on gambling time after time. But if you decide to bet then devote a certain portion of your time to it. Don't stray from your time limit. For example, if you chose to gamble then allocate few hours for it: one hour a day if you bet online and four if you are at a land based casino. Time limits would help you keep both of your feet on the ground.

2) When you gamble, don't get sucked into it. Casino games have their way of hypnotizing gamblers, and the longer you play consecutively, the less you feel the damage. Take breaks from your game, have a drink, watch TV or go for a walk through the casino's halls, or enjoy an entertainment site if you gamble online. Such breaks would help you a lot.

3) Betting is addictive in its nature, without that 'spice' it would have never gained popularity in the first place. But there's not need for it to become your major pastime activity – balance yourself by adopting other activities. Just as the above paragraph – take a break from gambling, but a different one. As the saying goes – Get a hobby.

4) Gambling involves money, especially yours, that’s why you need to manage it careful. Before venturing into the gambling world you must set yourself monetary limits, meaning – know how much you can afford losing.

Once you reach your losing level it's time for you to go back home. Also, never ever use money that is labeled as "living money" – funds that are meant for paying the bills, buying food, paying taxes and so on. Consider gambling money as a part of your entertainment budget and don't exploit that budget.

Your gambling money is second in its importance after your living expense, that's why you should never borrow money for the purpose of gambling since you don't really need it. betting is entertainment: do you ever borrow money from friends or family to go to the movies? Of course not, so don't borrow their money and gamble with it.

5) As mentioned all along the past paragraphs, betting is entertainment, a legitimate one, though there will always be people claiming differently. But even if entertainment is meant for relaxing and enjoying life, you should not gamble when you are stressed, troubles or depresses. Gambling would not help you to clear such feelings, gambling would only help you to escape, temporarily.

By sticking to these guidelines you are betting responsibly, but if you feel any signs for gambling problems consult with a friend or go and see a specialist, one that can determine if you suffer from a gambling addiction.

Thomas Fields
1.1.06 - Editorial Staff