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The Martingale Fixed Betting System

The beauty of fixed betting is that it is constant - the stakes you put do not change, but it doesn't mean that you always have to place the same bet time after time when you lose. You can combine fixed betting and betting systems, such as the Martingale betting system in order to gain lost profits. For example, you may put a fixed bet of $20 time after time and you would continuously lose - should you go on until you would "eventually" win? NO, what you should do is to follow the next guidelines about fixed betting systems.

Here comes the combination of the Martingale betting system and fixed betting into action: if you lose your fixed bet then double it. If you again lose your fixed bet then you should re-double it. The Martingale system, though not liked by 'serious' gamblers, can help you reduce your loses from fixed betting sessions. Notice that you must combine the Martingale betting system with money management techniques in order to produce the best results.

The Martingale betting systems works like this: every time you lose a bet you must double your bet, thus if you win you can cope with the pervious lose instead of continuing with your fixed betting system, which would not earn you money in the end of the day.

For instance let's say your fixed bet is $5 and you lose and you act according to the Martingale betting system and double your bet. You then place $10. If you win your profit would cover the lost $5 of your initial bet and you'd have a small profit in your pocket. But if you lose with your second bet then re-double your bet.

Even though you won't 'eventually' win at all cases still the Martingale betting system can help you out to cover loses while you use fixed betting methods but notice that this system may 'drag' you downstairs if you do obey the rules of responsible betting in order to avoid the danger of problem gambling.

Derrick Ballios,
Editor, 16-1-2006.