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Much can be thought about online gambling and even much more can be said about problems relating to online gambling, and since betting exchange is the latest development of the online gambling industry it is crucial to get hold of all information and tips possible before starting to bet. There are few basic problems which disturb online wagers on a daily basis, but by implicating few simple techniques you can avoid them without any fuss. Most of the following tips do not regard bet exchange directly, these tips are meant to give you the best platform for you to exchange bets with no disturbance.

Before you start your betting reboot your computer. It is a known fact that computers, especially ones with Windows installed on them, have a problem of leaking memory. It is caused by a common programming bug which causes for the consuming of your available memory slowly during the day. Rebooting your computer before betting online would "release" the occupied memory, which is necessary for you when you bet. A free computer is a computer which works faster.

Another action you might want to take is to add your betting site's IP to Window's hosts file. By doing so you may speed up your connection to the site by half a second or so, which might be crucial in times of an Internet "traffic jams". Start with searching a file named "Hosts" in your Window's directory, which is usually located on your main driver, such as "C:\". After you found the file use the program Notepad to open it. At the bottom of the file write the wanted site's IP address, press tab, and write its name. After this action you can open your Internet browser and write the name you wrote in the file. This would shorten the period time needed to upload the site by your browser.

Another simple action which would save you worries is to install a program that will synchronize your PC's internal computer with an authorized time site, such as GMT's site, which will update your computer's time everyday, if you will not do so then slowly your computer's internal clock would deviate from the correct time. Notice that if your clock is not synchronized then you might try and bet and "miss" your bet's submission's deadline. Just imagine that your bet's deadline is 01:00, the site's clock is set to 00:59 while you are sure the time is 00:58.

If you're betting on real time and multiply events like horse racing or football matches, don't waste your time watching them. By watching you are actually wasting crucial time, in which you can spot your bets' odds and prices while they're changing. By monitoring the market and NOT the events you can change your bets. Bear in mind that other gamblers are not doing so, they are watching the events, this time and their unawareness is your advantage.

Also, in order to maximize your computer's performance level close unnecessary programs, most of them are working in the "background" and they are a burden to your computer's mainframe. This will make sure that your computer will not jam at crucial times of depositing money and placing bets.

Much more can be said about how to improve your basic platform – your computer – in order to bet safely, but these initial tips would be enough for a start. Remember to go through all these stages every time you are about to exchange bets online.

Derrick Ballios, Editorial staff 10-12-2005