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Gambling Problems

Gambling has become one of the most widespread pastimes in the Unites states, and is to become ever more popular as time goes by. However, there are certain things that must be addressed, so as not to cause problems later on.

Firstly, as the popularity of gambling grows, so do the number of people who become sadly addicted to gambling. This is not a widespread phenomenon, but it is one that exists. For these people, there is treatment; they only have to seek it out. Unfortunately, like many addicts, most do not until it is too late. It is up to the government and the online casinos to promote awareness of the problem. However, the answer is not in banning gambling, just as you would not ban alcohol, so it is with gambling. The answer lies in awareness and knowledge.

Another issue is of age. There must be better security measures to keep underage minors out of the casinos and the online casinos. This is easier said than done, since what's to stop and minor from stealing his parent's credit card and gambling? Nothing, so it would seem. There must be greater awareness for these gambling problems.

Written by Guy Webber. 21/Dec/05