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Fixed betting with foreign exchange

Although the term fixed betting is usually associated with sports or horse betting, there are others ways to use and profit from this method. Fixed betting is known for many years as a potentially profitable option for experienced financial traders. One of the most suitable markets for fixed betting is the foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is the largest market in the world. Deals worth more than 1.5 trillion us dollars are being executed every day!

The trading process is accentually buying one currency while selling another in exchange. Fixed betting helps experienced traders to execute long term trades. For instance if a specific trader has decided that the Swiss Marc isn't evaluated correctly versus the Japanese Yen, he can decide to by each trading day more Swiss Marcs in expense of the Yen. Thus, with every fluctuation in the currency rate he'll gain more money. Even if in a specific trading day he'll lose some money, he'll still be significantly profited on the long run. Fixed betting with foreign exchange can prove to be a very profiting and helpful but it can also drag to sever losses. That's why it is recommended not to be used by novice traders.

John Macflarren, 05.09.05, Editor.