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Fixed betting basic tips

Many think that fixed betting is mostly a method of gambling created for lazy or very busy people, a claim that has a basis to some degree. Fixed betting is first of all a method of winning more money with your bets, but on the long run. By carefully calculating the odds one can gain a hefty profit on the long run. The trick is in choosing the bets that are prominent to pay out on the long run.

Commonly fixed bets are being placed by sentimental value. People tend to place a bet on their favorite team or horse. Although this might have some entertaining value, long term financial decisions should be made on logical grounds. Try analyzing winning records and upcoming changes in rosters or jockeys, this might show better results. Placing a fixed bet on a favorable team with a fair winning record may show very little profits on each bet, but considerable profit over a year or several months.

It's important to check your loss/win ratio for each bet. You might win a large bet eventually but end up spending much more on the bets you lost. Although they might be less exciting, rational decisions usually prove themselves more profitable than emotional ones.

John Thompson, Editorial Staff. 09/13/05