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Signs for a Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is the dark side of gambling, in the US alone at least 1 percentage of the population suffered from gambling problems. Though most gamblers consider gambling as an entertainment there are few that are being lured by the casinos' prizes and luxuries halls, and stage by stage, they are losing control over their gambling. Problem gambling doesn't hurt gamblers alone, most of the time their family and friends are hurt in the way as well.

The main stage for helping a gambling addict is to make him aware of his problem, without it he would not turn for help. The following questions would help you or any other member of your family or friends to acknowledge their condition:

1) Has the thought of suicide crossed your mind as result of any gambling activity?
2) Do you trouble sleeping as a result of any gambling activity?
3) Have you committed a felony in order to posse funds for gambling or to cover any gambling-related debts?
4) Do you celebrate by gambling?
5) Have you neglected your family because of any gambling activity?
6) Have you neglected your work as a result of any gambling activity?
7) Do you feel sorrow and regret after a gambling session?
8) Have you sold any of yours or others property to cover any gambling debts or sessions?
9) Have you ever lost more money in a gambling session that you intended in the first place?
10) Does gambling make you unhappy in the long run?

If you answered "yes" to more than six of the above questions then you should consider yourself as an addict for gambling and seek for counseling as soon as possible.

David Lox – Editorial Staff – 27/12/05